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Who are Users and Followers?

A user is the person responsible for completing the tasks in a given project. Any task can have multiple users assigned to it. The user can share files and add comments to the project dashboard, and can update the task status. On the other hand, followers are the merely observers of an active project and they are added to receive notifications and updates about project developments so they can stay in the loop.

Role of a Follower

A follower is anyone who wants to be kept in the loop as the project progresses. The follower does not have an active role in the life cycle of the task, can receive tasks updates.

  • A follower will get a notification whenever:
  • A new comment is posted or if any minor changes happen on the schedule.
  • Any new attachment is added or when a task is marked complete.

Note: Any administrator, team manager, task manager, or a project manager can be added as a follower in a project and they have the ability to unfollow a project. Also, you cannot add guests as a follower.

How to Add Followers in a Project, Task or Subtask?

Any project, task or a subtask can have multiple followers.To start adding followers, please follow these steps.


Step 1. Log in to the ProProfs Project dashboard and pick the appropriate project, task or subtask where you need to add followers.



Step 2. Click on the circle icon that contains the list of users, under the "Users" column, and switch to the "Followers" tab at the bottom of the window that pops up.



Step 3. Select the appropriate user from the list of available users to add as a follower. If the user is not in the list, you can send them an invite request by clicking on the "Add Followers" button.