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How to Add a Task


Tasks are what make up a project. They are very similar to projects, meaning you can color-code them, set their status and progress, drag and drop them into task dependency priority, place comments and upload files.


This article will include the following:

Add a Task

Follow the steps given below to add a task:

Step 1: Open the Project you want to add a Task in.

Step 2: There are two ways to add a task. You can either directly add a task in the Add Task text box or click on the + Add Task button given below.


The difference between them is that when created with the text box, the task is created first and has to be edited later but with the Add Task button, the task can be customized according to needs before it is created.


Step 3: If you chose the Add Task text box, click the View button to edit your task. Click Save, once done.

If you chose the button to create a task, a side-window opens where you can enter all the required details. Once done, click Add Task.

Add a Subtask

With Project, you can also create and tasks inside an existing Task. These tasks are known as sub-tasks. Sub-tasks work the same way a task does. Subtasks break an existing task into even smaller tasks and each task can be assigned to a different user.

For Example, imagine a task created for capturing and choosing photographs for a magazine. Its subtasks will include researching what kind of photographs are needed, capturing the photos, developing them, choosing them and printing them.

Follow the steps given below to add a subtask:

Step 1: 
To add a sub-task, click the + Subtask button next to the task name. You can edit a subtask in the same way a task is edited.


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