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ProProfs Project gives you a simple, but powerful way of managing all of your clients in one place. When you add new projects you get the option to attach them to a client. From the Clients view you can see all of your clients and get an overview of how many active projects each one has.


Clients can have a traffic light status set on them, much like Projects and Tasks. This helps you organize the clients in to Active, On-hold or Pending and In-active. This order is carried across to other parts of the interface, for example the Clients dropdown in the Projects view.


Tip: If you like working from the Clients view then you can set it as your default view when you log in to ProProfs Project from the My Account page. Then you can click the Options button on the client to access the projects for each client.



Clients will generally refer to a company name, e.g. ACME Company, so it's still useful to have a personal main point of contact for each client. This is where the Contacts feature comes in handy. You can have an unlimited number of contacts for a client, and one Main Contact for a client which is set up when you add or edit a client.


You can access the contacts for a client by clicking the Options button on the client and then clicking View Contacts which takes you to a filtered view of your contacts.



You can group clients by a custom group of your choosing. For example, you may wish to group your clients by Local and International. You can then use the group filter at the top to only show clients for a particular group.


To set up groups, simply add or edit the client and then select the group from the dropdown. You can add new groups from this dropdown by selecting the Add Group option.


Invite as a Guest

When you add a client, at the bottom of the form is a checkbox that asks if you want to Invite as a Guest. When you mark this checkbox the client will be added as a user and an email will be sent to them inviting them to your bubble.


The client will be given the Guest role which will give them read-only access to the projects they are invited to. They will also be 'locked to client' so they will only be able to access data attached to their client profile.


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