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Getting Started with ProProfs Project

We believe a project management tool should be simple and quick to learn — that's why ProProfs Project only takes a few minutes to learn. Our video shows you, in less than four minutes, how to learn the basics of ProProfs Project.



Tutorial Video

ProProfs Project is all about keeping things simple, and helping you and your team manage your projects and tasks quickly and easily.

To get started you'll need to add your first project.


1. Adding a Project

Click Add Project button or press the A key. Enter a project name and a description.


If you want to set a due date, uncheck the Ongoing checkbox and enter the date. You can specify a start date if you wish too.


Now click the Save button. Your new project will appear in the list.


Click on the name of the project and a box will appear that contains everything you need to know about the project. For example, the description, the due date, the users involved with the project and the activity stream, whereby you can upload comments and files.


2. Adding a Task

Click on the Tasks button underneath the project name.


This is the Tasks page. Tasks are how a project is made up.


Click the Add Task button or press the A key.


Enter a task name and a description, and set a due date if you wish. Then click Save.


3. Adding a Sub-task

Now we will add some sub-tasks to the task.


Sub-tasks break down the task in to small pieces, or if you like, To-dos.


Click on the Sub-tasks button and you can quickly and sub-tasks to the task.


Sub-tasks operate much the same as tasks, in that they can have descriptions, comments, due dates and files.


Once you've added a few sub-tasks we can do things like; set their status with traffic light buttons, for example green for active, amber for on-hold and red for in-active. You can drag and drop them in to priority, set an importance flag on the most important by clicking the exclamation icon, and group the tasks by color.


4. Adding Users

The next important step is to add the rest of your team to the bubble.


Click the Users button at the top of the page.


ProProfs Project lets you add users with different roles and permissions, for example a Project Manager who has the ability to set up projects and tasks, a Collaborator who only has the ability to complete tasks and place comments, and a Guest who has read-only access to projects.


Enter the user's email address, set their permissions and click the Save button.


Your user will receive an email invitation so they can sign up to your bubble. Repeat this process for the rest of your team.


5. Assigning Users

Now we will assign users to your projects and its tasks.


Click on the Projects button at the top of the page.


Click on your avatar in the users column. A user picker will appear with your users and teams.


Click on the names of the users or teams you want assigned then click Save.


Repeat this process for tasks and sub-tasks if you them to be private and only shown to those assigned. Alternatively you can just leave the tasks set to everyone.


Now we have our project set up, and we have users assigned. So let's add some files.


6. Adding Comments & Files

Click on the name of the task. You'll see a box appear, much like the box that appeared earlier when we clicked on the project name.


Click on the comment box to activate it, then drag your files over into this box. If you want you can write a comment too.


Everyone assigned to the task will receive an email notifying them that there has been a comment or a file added. They can reply to this email or just reply in the system.


Your files will be grouped at the top of the box to help you keep track of the files in a project or a task.


Now you have successfully set up a project with tasks, assigned users, and uploaded files. Hopefully now you'll be on your way to easily managing your projects, and saving lots of time with ProProfs Project.


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