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How to Use Filters

A project management tool can have a mind-numbing amount of projects. Since the search functionality looks through all projects simultaneously and gets you the most relevant keywords, it becomes inconvenient when a large number of projects are involved.


Filters, on the other hand, create a shortlist for the user searching through the project. Filters in ProProfs Project are extremely user-friendly.


Benefits of using filters:

  • An advanced form of search which gives extremely specific results as per the determined filters.
  • All filters can be used simultaneously to ensure that the most relevant result is displayed.


Here are the filters that will be discussed in this article:


Project Filters


Project filters filter the Projects tab of the tool. Go to the Projects tab to access these filters. There are four different filters in the Projects tab.



The four filters have been listed below:


Status: The status filter filters projects on the basis of their completion status. It has five options. 



All option shows all the projects that exist in the tool. The Open option shows the projects that are currently being worked on whereas the Completed option shows you the projects that have been completed. The Templates option displays the projects that have been converted to templates. Similarly, the Archived option shows the projects that have been hidden.


Users: The users' filter filters out projects based on a single user or a team. This filter only brings out projects that have been assigned to a particular user and team.



Client: The client filter filters out projects by the name of the client.




Tags: This filter filters out projects based on the tags that were attached to the project. The drop-down shows all the tags that exist in the tool.




Task Filters


Task filters filter the Tasks tab of the tool. They can be accessed by going to the Tasks tab. There are three different filters in the Tasks section.  



All three work similar to the Project section filters. The only difference is that these filters fetch tasks as results instead of projects.


Calendar Filters


These filters filter results in the calendar view. They can be accessed by going to the Calendar tab. There are four different filters in the Calendar section.



The first filter projects and tasks according to the selected users and teams.


The second filter filters on the basis of projects & events. The Active Milestones option shows the projects and tasks that are being worked on.




The third filter filters according to client names and the fourth filters shows all projects, tasks, etc of a set time period. 


Time Filters


Time Filters filter the Time tab. Navigate to the Time tab to activate these filters. They compile and filter time entries as per requirement.


They have two dropdowns. One filters the time entries as per the users and the other filters time entries as per the projects.




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