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Experience A New Modern User Interface!

ProProfs is committed to ensuring that our users have a delightful experience using Project. To that end, our team of usability experts is always looking to improve the experience for our users. Today we are excited to announce that we’re moving to a brand-new UI, giving Project a makeover that further improves user experience and efficiency.

So, what's new? Be it managing all attributes from the same window to simplifying the user interface, we have a lot in store for you. It's convenient and structured to match the modern day project management needs. Amazed? Well, don’t be. 

This is just the beginning. 
We’ve got way more surprises to delight you.
Let’s see what is new.


A Brand-New Look:

We all tend to get bored of looking at the same thing every day; it’s like watching snow that’s “plain and white.” Keeping a note of your needs for change, we are giving you the much-needed spring flavor, the new User-Interface for ProProfs Project. The looks are engaging but we haven’t sacrificed on any of our features. The UI exhibits an impression of a cutting-edge project management tool as compared to the previous version.


Same But Looking Better:

Change is good. But we all like our basics to stay intact. Similarly, we have kept all the features and attributes of the previous version intact to ensure there are no disruptions to existing workflows.

We have integrated a hover feature in the new User-Interface. By hovering the cursor over specific positions, users can access essential features in the same window. The hover feature is visible for the first task in the screenshot below.












Changes have been made to our header too. It now has all the key options configured under one prominent menu. So, with a single click, a user can access all the essential options, whether it’s accessing projects, tasks or calendars.



Other than that, you can add comments, tags, users, view activity, view status, track progress, and much more with a single click on the task name.



It’ll be easier for your team and you to keep a track of what’s due and when with just one click.



Now, it’s time to take a dive into our new UI for countless delights. You will experience an ease of access that helps you focus on projects and not the management, as we’ve got all that sorted for you.