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ProProfs Project Referrals

Tell others about ProProfs Project and we will reward both of you.

Coffee Shop

So, here's the deal – if you tell your clients or co-workers about ProProfs Project you will each receive a$25.00 credit, aswell as a $10.00 Starbucks voucher for you and your team to enjoy. That's a pretty good deal right?


All you need to do is give your referrals a special link so that we can track it was you, and so that you can see how many views your link has had. When one of your referrals upgrades their account you will receive your rewards.


Where do I get my special link? Simply go to the My Account page, scroll to the bottom and click the Generate Link button, then copy and paste that link to your website or email.


What's the catch?


There are just a couple of rules we need to tell you about first. To receive your Starbucks voucher, the referral must upgrade their account after completing their free trial. To receive your credit the user must have an active subscription for 90 days or more. That's all.


Thank you for recommending us!