ProProfs Project Reports

An easy way to keep everyone up-to-date.

Reports tell you everything you need to know about a project, a task, time spent, your schedule. They can be created in seconds and shared with anyone in the world. Plus, they look great — on the web and when printed on paper.


Reports come in different types, grouped by Project, Task and Time report. These can be selected when you add or edit a report from the Type drop-down.


Summary Reports


Task summary report


The summary reports (Project Summary and Task Summary) tell you the most important things about your projects and tasks in an easily digestible format.

They are customizable, in that you can set various filters on what data is shown, specify what order the items appear, and you can show or hide various columns.


They are best used when needing to get an overview of a project, seeing when certain tasks are due, how complete they are based on progress and status, and who is working on what.


How do I filter a summary report by user? Just select a user from the Owner drop-down, and the report will only show the projects or tasks that user is responsible for.


Customizing Reports

When you add or edit a summary report, at the bottom of the form are advanced options where you can customize certain aspects of the report. For example, in the project and task summary reports you can choose what columns show, you can hide the charts, or show the descriptions of projects and tasks.


Expanded Tasks

For some types of reports, you can choose whether you expand to tasks and sub-tasks or not. The default is to show all depths (expanded) of tasks and sub-tasks, but you can disable this option and show the parent if you wish.



Many filters can be applied, for example, by project, client, user, tag, status, date range, and so on. The filters you will have access to depend on what type of report you are displaying.



You can export the data in the report to CSV by clicking the Export to CSV button. We'll do our best to match the filters you have set up, e.g., open projects or a date range, but the data won't always be precisely what you see on the report. More information on data exporting can be found in our Developers section.



Timeline Reports


Gantt Chart view for timeline


Timeline reports can be referred to as 'Gantt charts,' although in ProProfs Project we simplify the chart to just show a timeline of the start and due dates. This report gives you a clear picture of how a project spans across a month and whether the milestones conflict with one another.


The colors shown in these reports are inherited from the project or task. The same color is also used in the Calendar to distinguish between different events. You can change the color by editing the project or task and opening the advanced options.


Timelines will span on to multiple pages depending on the date range you have selected. For example if you have January 1st to April 1st selected, you'll see Jan 1st to 31st on the first page (there's a maximum of 31 days for each page), then Feb 1st to Mar 3rd on the second page (31 days), and Mar 4th to April 1st on the last page. The idea behind this is you should be able to print out the reports and the days should line up continuously with each other.


Tip: When printing, you'll get a tidier looking timeline if you use Landscape mode. Plus, make sure you enable background colors for a better-looking printout.



Time Reports


Time estimate and Actual time


You can also create various reports for time spent on projects. There are six different types of reports for display how time is spent. Each type represents a different grouping of time entries, for example, grouped by project, by user, by individual time entry, etc.


Each report also contains pie charts that show how time is spent in a visual representation, for example, time spent on each project. The charts can be switched off in the Advanced Options.


Tip: You can choose whether you show the time in hour format (e.g., 01:30), or decimal format (e.g., 1.5 hours), in the My Company page under Preferences.


Time by Project

The Time by Project report shows time spent grouped by project, separated by each client (if you filter by All Clients). This report can show project descriptions and also the Estimated time vs. Actual time for projects.


Time by Task

The Time by Task report shows time spent grouped by task, separated by project (if you filter by All Projects). This report can show task descriptions and also the Estimated time vs. Actual time for tasks.


Time by Entry

The Time by Entry report shows each time entry, along with the user who logged the time entry, the sub-task (if applicable) and the description (if enabled), separated by task.


Time by User

The Time by User report shows the time spent grouped by user, separated by project (if you filter by All Projects). You can still filter by user in this report if you wish.


Time by Client

The Time by Client report shows a simple breakdown of time spent grouped by clients.


Time by Day

The Time by Day report shows a simple breakdown of time spent grouped by day.


Tip: If you want to show a breakdown of multiple users in one report, you can filter by team (by using the Owner drop-down), and the report will be broken down for each user in the team.


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