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ProProfs Project Basics

Managing projects should be easy and not complicated…

ProProfs Project has been designed from the ground up with this in mind. In this article we'll take you through some of the basic elements of the interface and how you can start becoming productive in minutes.


The Interface


The ProProfs Project interface tries to get out of your way so that you can see all of your projects clearly and manage them with the fewest amount of clicks possible.



At the top of the page you'll see the navigation bar. Only items that your users have access to will show here, for example, Time will only show to users that have Time Tracking enabled. As an Administrator you'll have access to all of the items in the navigation.



The search box will allow you to find anything within your bubble. For example, open and closed projects, tasks and sub-tasks, comments, files, even clients. Simply type in what you are looking for and the results will appear underneath. When you click on an item you will be taken to the page the item resides.



The bell icon to the right of the search box opens the Notifications page. Here you will see items that are overdue (3 months), items that are due today (based on your timezone), and items due tomorrow. These items can include ProjectsTasks, Sub-tasks, Events, and more.


The notifications are relevant to the user who is logged in, so in the case of a Collaborator, they would only see notifications for projects and tasks that they are assigned to or have access to. Administrators would see everything across the entire bubble.



The list icon to the right of the Notifications button opens the Activity page. Here you will see relevant activity across all projects, tasks and sub-tasks that you have access to. This view can be useful for administrators wanting to see an overview of everything that's happening across the bubble.




Also included in this feed are conversations across all projects, whether at a top level (on a project), or at a deeper level (on a sub-task). You can click on the "View Conversation" link to view the conversation directly in its context.


It's also worth noting here that the activity feed seen here is the Global activity feed. The same system is used when clicking on Projects, Tasks and Sub-tasks except that these views are filtered to the item clicked on, for example, a sub-task will only show activity for that particular sub-task.



The Add-ons menu is where you will find various added features to ProProfs Project, for example Invoices, Estimates, Expenses and others.


Add-ons are a premium feature available on the premium plans.



The Account menu contains links to useful account management pages.

  • My Account
    Where you can manage your email address, password and avatar.
  • My Company
    Where administrators manage the company details, for example, the company name, branding, logo, and company-wide preferences such as the timezone.
  • Billing Details
    Where Superuser manages the billing for the company.
  • Upgrade Plan
    Where the superuser can upgrade their plan and add more users.
  • Add-ons
    Where you can manage the add-ons for your bubble.
  • Logout
    Clears the current session and securely logs you out of the system.


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