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ProProfs Project Management Guide

Our guide tells you everything you need to know about ProProfs Project. From how to set up simple projects, through to syncing your calendar with iCal.


  1. The Basics
    The really simple stuff.

  2. Managing Projects
    Everything starts with a project.

    • The Projects Page
      What makes up a project?
    • Project Templates
      How to save time by creating a project template.
  3. Managing Tasks
    Tasks make up a project, and there's a lot we can do with them.

    • Sub-tasks
      Break a task up into even smaller pieces.
    • Recurring Tasks
      How to repeat tasks on a periodic basis.
    • Dependent Tasks
      How to make tasks dependent on each other.
  4. Collaboration
    Discover how you can work closely with your team on projects.

    • Comments & Discussions
      How to communicate with your team members on a project.
    • Sharing Files
      Uploading and sharing files couldn't be easier.
  5. Calendar
    The calendar lets you visualize your milestones (or dates).

    • iCalendar Synchronization
      You can sync your milestones and events with your main calendar tool.
    • Reminders
      Get reminded each morning what is happening that day.
  6. Tracking Time
    You and your team can track time on tasks and sub-tasks.

    • Task Timer
      The simplest way to track time.
    • The Time View
      How to add manual time entries for any user.
  7. Clients & Contacts
    You can group your projects by client.

  8. Sharing Reports
    Reports look great, and tell you everything you need to know about your projects.

    • Summary Reports
      The Summary Reports tell you the basics.
    • Timeline Reports
      The Timeline Reports are basically Gantt Charts.
    • Time Reports
      The Time Reports tell you how much time has been spent by your team.
  9. Managing Users
    Bring your entire team into ProProfs Project and share as much or as little as you want.

    • Roles
      How you give different permissions to your users.
    • Teams
      Group your users in to teams to save even more team and gain better privacy.